Glowing souvenirs

  • Original gift for you and your loved ones
  • Czech product
  • Each evening will commemorate
  • Product is harmless to human health

Information about the product

For the people who are interested, we can make it with an unrestricted theme: Pictures, business cards, etc. Restriction is only to the size, which comes in 80x55 mm. This dimension is very similar to a credit card size. You can find more info on – info@ocean-star.eu

Made In Czech Republic by OCEAN STAR s.r.o.

You can make yourself or your close ones happy with the gift, that can bring out night or a day beautiful memories. If the products are exposed to any source of light (e.g., sunlight or synthetic light, such as a flashlight), it will glow in the dark in a greenish color.

This product is absolutely safe and it does not contain any harmful substances for humans’ health.

The product has a magnetic strip in the back, and therefore it is advisable to be careful not to expose this to other products, such as a wrist watch, credit cards, etc.


Contact us

Kubelíkova 1224/42
130 00 Praha 3 Žižkov
Česká republika

IČ: 038 03 295
Telefon: +420 731 717 603
Email: info@ocean-star.eu
Web: www.ocean-star.eu